Here you'll find cool stories, events, progress pics and other highlights of my surf art.

Heavy Metal Surfboard

The concept of making a surfboard look like a heavy piece of rusted steel - just the opposite of what you expect a surfboard was the inspiration for this piece of art. I took an old board and painted it up to look like a big piece of rusted, heavy metal. Adding in a few seams and faux bolts for the effect and this is what I ended up with. The video above shows that it still floats and can be surfed too. Pictures really just don't do the surfboard surface justice so putting together a fun short video with the help of several talented people seemed to be the way to go. Turn up the sound and enjoy! If you'd like a one-of-a-kind piece of surf art please get in touch with me. By the way, this one is for sale. Link to the board here: artfulsurfboards.com/surfboards/

This project started with meeting the owner of 4x4icon.com out of LA. Then this became an opportunity to create another unique creation to help a worthy charity "GoCampaign" with a custom-painted surfboard, donated by Artful Surfboards recreating the CEO's own '50 DeSoto station wagon, painted on his 9'6" used Bear surfboard. The charity raised over $180,000 at the event where this board was auctioned off for $4000. The photos below show the DeSoto and the board at various stages, the event and the final video of the board which was too big to put in one photo.

Artful Surfboards was at the Doheny Wood Car Show. If you were in the SoCal area, you would've seen Dwight's latest boards and a live demo. Dwight had a special offering in the mix for one lucky winner (see a photo of the finished art above). There was a discount flyer available to use towards the purchase of one of his works of art or a commissioned piece of art at the Artful Surfboard booth.

This cool project came together for the 2019 Fuel Fest event held in March. This '69 Z28 was briefly owned by Paul Walker (Fast and Furious) and Roger Rodas. The board was painted in a crazy short amount of time to meet the festival deadline. Fuel Fest arrived and so did the rain, but Artfull Surfboards was there with many auto-related boards to show. Interestingly, the current owner of the car, Bill Fowler of Solo Speed Shop, ended up buying the board and it now rests alongside Bill's collection of cars. This was by far one of Dwight's most challenging works of art.

Dwight with Cody Walker at Fuest Fest 2019 Anaheim, CA

Surfboard and car now resting together in a great collection

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